Punjabi Box Office Collection 2022, Budget, Verdict India, Hit or Flop, Profits & Loss

Punjabi Box Office Collection

So, welcome to our blog. Today we have shared with you the list of Punjabi Box Office Collection 2022 grosses in India.

Including Punjabi movie box office, budget, profit, hit or flop, verdict, and release date. Last updated: 17th October 2022 Film cost is an estimate including printing, production, and promotion costs.

It only includes web collections and does not include overseas collections. Here is the complete list of Punjabi Box Office 2022 receipts.

Punjabi Box Office Collection 2022, Budget & Verdict (Hit Ya Flop)

Babe Bhangra Paunde Ne20.5 Crore7.88 Crore15 CroreN/A
CriminalN/A0.25 Crore7 CroreDisaster
Moh3.8 Crore1.95 Crore7 CroreN/A
Maa Daa Ladla6.41 Crore3.77 Crore7 CroreN/A
Yaar Mera Titliyaan Warga9.88 Crore6.17 Crore5 CroreSuper Hit
Laung Laachi 2N/A2.11 Crore20 CroreFlop
Jind MahiN/A0.94 Crore5 CroreDisaster
Chhalla Mud Ke Nahi AayaN/A4.27 Crore5 CroreN/A
Bajre Da SittaN/A2.25 Crore7 CroreN/A
Shareek 2N/A0.95 Crore15 CroreDisaster
Khaao Piyo Aish KaroN/A1.28 Crore10 CroreN/A
Sher BaggaN/A2.99 Crore10 CroreN/A
TelevisionN/A0.09 Crore10 CroreDisaster
KokkaN/A0.43 Crore10 CroreDisaster
Saunkan Saunkne56.9 Crore30.71 Crore10 CroreBlockbuster
MaaN/A3 Crore5 CroreN/A
Ni Main Sass Kuttni12 CroreN/A5 CroreN/A
Main Te Bapu0.7 Crore0.6 Crore5 CroreDisaster
GalwakdiN/A2.82 Crore5 CroreN/A
Lekh3 Crore5.32 Crore5 CroreN/A
Aaja Mexico Challiye2.92 Crore3.91 Crore8-10 CroreN/A


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